the leeches
photographs -
Joanna Berzowska
models -
Gaïa Orain
Brynn Warren

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The Leeches dress, constructed with stitched conductive organza stripes, functions as a soft, wearable, and reconfigurable power-distribution substrate for attaching individual silicone-coated electronic modules (the “Leeches”) that illuminate the dress. The Leeches can be attached in a variety or positions and configurations. They are held in place by magnetic snaps, which act both as mechanical and electrical connections.

A single power module can be attached at the shoulder. This module can power up to ten Leeches scattered around the body. The red LEDs inside the Leeches resemble power-hungry creatures that, once attached, suck or draw power (the metaphoric "blood") from your body and reference the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields emanating from electronic garments.

Joanna Berzowska, © XS Labs 2004
XS labs